Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How Accurate Is Hiv Testing At 3 Months I'm Wondering If It's Almost For Sure That You Will Get An Accurate Hiv Test 5 Months Later?

I'm wondering if it's almost for sure that you will get an accurate hiv test 5 months later? - how accurate is hiv testing at 3 months

Recently, in about 3 weeks and kissed me deeply finger was a boy, and now I'm afraid I have some symptoms of HIV. I have a blood test and now I'm waiting for the results. The fact is that with a man with 10 months of unprotected sex. 5 months after I tested for sexually transmitted diseases and HIV was negative. I wonder if I could be tested soon, and I'm showing symptoms of HIV. I know that the kisses and fingers do I have as a low risk for HIV, but I am very scared .. All information .. I think I thought of all the possibilities, which is in my head that I engraved ... Hope to hear from you.


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