Thursday, December 24, 2009

Soma San Diego Tickets Arctic Monkey Gig In Soma, San Diego ANSWER IF YOUVE BEEN TO SOMA!?

Arctic Monkey gig in Soma, San Diego ANSWER IF YOUVE BEEN TO SOMA!? - soma san diego tickets

OK, so I would like Arctic Monkeys, 14 September in the soma can see, San Diego. Ive never been heard and seen their pictures somaive only a great place, very little music, but I saw other pictures where his hugeeeeeeee a scene! To confuse what is in soma and what it seems? and as I said in the website to buy tickets to Soma: "Arctic Monkeys $ 20.00 in advance. In the so-guess the $ 20? but in another webiste and said the bill came to $ 150!? im so confused Mega . There are two different soma? and maybe someone whos there please explain in detail, it seems, and the ability and the orders? "and the price is real? These are the two Webstite. Please help!

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