Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oakley Razor Blades Im Selling My 89-90's Oakley Razor Blades In Excellent Condition W/case. How Much Could I Get For Them?

Im selling my 89-90's Oakley Razor Blades in excellent condition w/case. How much could i get for them? - oakley razor blades

It depends in part on the model, the ease with which they can produce good images, the ability to buy, etc.

The best way to get your answer is to seek listings on eBay. When you do an advanced search and check "Completed listings" You can see details of that was sold recently.

Recent sales appear to vary between $ 20 and $ 175 have. Some rare or unique models that people are currently asking $ 200 - $ 350 for them, but they do not seem to sell.


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