Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Card Game- Frustration Card Game Called Frustration.....?

Card game called frustration.....? - card game- frustration

can someone send me the rules of the frustration that I will resolve a dispute within the family, part of the family say that every time you reach 15 or 20 (or whatever the amount) is the winner of imports can points, and half said, "then what is the point on the scoreboard, so someone please write me all the rules and outs of the game, so you can print and refer to black and white in order to solve this problem .. . ... thank you. my email is little_bot_@hotmail.com


erjpat said...

Card Game: Frustration

and two packs of cards for four people, three packs of six or more. take wild packs.
-plays better with around 4-5 people, to be honest.
Each has 11 cards.

There are ten "games" that all must be met:
1> Run 7
2> 2, clauses 3
3> 1, sentence 3 and execution of 4
4> 1 set of 4, and implementation of 4
5> Run, 8
6> 1 set of 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.-pack
7> Two groups of 4
8> Run, 9
9> set to run from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m.
10> Set of 5, sentence 4
- (The work can not stick + around the corner)

-Each party receives a recovery from the battery or the card from the top of the grave, then he has a map to the cemetery should be discarded.
-If you are a complete "by hand, the cards on the table.
Round is completed when a person must "play" PLUS completed all remaining tickets will get rid of to expand their game by stopped in their career, or sets (of four boys series issix sons, for example), or the addition of other games in similar fashion.
-2 'S are wild.

after all, end the results of the evaluation of frustration;
= 3-9: 5 points
= K-10:: 10 points
= 2, Ace: 20 points
- "Hache" is optional, but gentle, if a player touches to indicate that only one card, then the other must go to the high score card (ACE, mostly) to the countdown.
Is evaluation at the end of frustration, including a (negative) for the first term to 10 rounds, or simply an assessment that "people are in the games and accumulate scores completed. Should be clear that wins.

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