Tuesday, January 26, 2010

David Clark X-11 Compared Bose X Which One Of David Clark's Headset Models Is The Best?

Which one of David Clark's headset models is the best? - david clark x-11 compared bose x

before any man! It is cheaper for the performance .. hahah!


calnicke... said...

The X11 is the best, with a compact design, good insulation and noise reduction.

The H10-13.4, the perennial favorite with a simple design and good attenuation of noise at a good price. The best bang for the buck.

I have an H20-10 and was very good for 6 years. I think he has the best noise attenuation with a headset without noise cancellation, very comfortable, with no metal or son's hair in place and are fully preserved.

We AvComm, Peltor, and David Clark headsets for our charter flight, and David Clark are strong enough to withstand abuse from passengers and the high frequency of use.

Ian F said...

I only know that I work here looks very good, low noise, good insulation, but all were (and judging by that site) would be inconvenient.

The heat builds up, the hair can be stuck in the band kind of hard. I liked the Sony is better, but if you isolate, David Clark, it gives you.

Katherin... said...

With respect to the Go headphones is really a personal preference, what you want, and what is most convenient for you. You can do some research on headphones not Sporty's

texblues... said...

Frankly, not like headsets, DC. I am a pilot for 12 years, and I love my Peltor headphones. I never go back to DC.

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