Friday, January 15, 2010

Logitech Wireless Notebook Mouse Will The Mouse Pointer Motion Speed Be The Same As Long As I Choose A Mouse With The Same DPI?

Will the mouse pointer motion speed be the same as long as I choose a mouse with the same DPI? - logitech wireless notebook mouse

I have a wired connection to BT58 Logitech mouse is now 400 dpi. I am looking for a wireless mouse for my laptop, but before the wireless mouse (especially the size of notebook mice), which I have used a sensitivity that is very high. I know I can manually change the sensitivity in the Control Panel, but I found a mouse that has the actual now I change what I can correspond with the mouse and touchpad to be comfortable.


guy_hodg... said...

For most new computer mice out there, with their own software now adays.When installing new hardware and software should be a window so that you can it.That open comfigure the best and do the least stressful for the. Once configured to suit your needs should be in a position between the laptop touch pad and mouse with no problems in operating systems all.Computers switches are very intelligent and he is the camera settings that you remember to define.

sashawhi... said...

Motion speed and resolution, have nothing to do with each other.

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