Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ribbon Dancer Toy What Age Should A Child Be To Be Trained A Ribbon Dancer?

What age should a child be to be trained a Ribbon Dancer? - ribbon dancer toy

I have a granddaughter of nine years that I think would do an excellent job.


Blue Eyes said...

My God! You've really fascinated me ... Sylvia because I do not know what is a dancer of the band! Lol .... I was a drumajorette from when I was nine years old, until I found this school and was one of the best memories of my life ... My daughter was high in the team flag, when I was in high school and loved it! I do not think that we are a certain age in most of these things. If the child wants to do, and it is good, control, and then I'll say he should go there! Good luck to them, and God bless you!

xsmurfx9... said...

I do not think theres acctual classes, but you will find a group rhythmic gymnastics

And do not think that age is decisive, but if you have a rhythmic gymnastics club, which could help in the situation

Gina said...

I think there is a certain time when they need to start training, but the luck to find a class for them! Never heard of a real dance class band.

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