Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wm Rogers Sterling Silver I Have A Wm A. Rogers Tray, A Wm Rogers And Son Butter Spreader And A Holmes/Edwards Fork. Are They Valuable ?

I have a Wm A. Rogers tray, a Wm Rogers and Son butter spreader and a Holmes/Edwards fork. Are they valuable ? - wm rogers sterling silver

The Wm A. Rogers is a 12 1 / 2 inch diameter tray without handles. The name of the World Cup. A. Rogers added into the back of the tray. Wm Rogers & Son AA butter is a distributor of 7 1 / 2 Long. The Holmes and Edwards holder is 8 inches long with a logo similar to clover or a cross, with letters and XIV, pl. I wonder if one or all of the items were easily available in silver or gold plated, and the approximate value of each.


Holly N said...

You are confused. This is an area of genealogy.
an antiques dealer, should assess the situation,

khrome_w... said...

They have an appraiser look of them. Or simply wait until the Antiques Roadshow in the region.

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