Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top Of Stairs Gate I Need A Baby Gate For The Top Of My Stairs?

I need a baby gate for the top of my stairs? - top of stairs gate

I have a child who is 1st We have just moved to a place, stairs and the door that did not work. I do not have a door that I mount. My landlord does not allow holes in the pole or wall. I have a seat on one side and the wall of the other. Please give me some ideas what I can do. Please, please help


Nay Nay said...

To ensure that you would a door for mounting the stairs, I do not trust the gate pressure. You can talk to your landlord about it know that you / fix repair holes and damage.

Indiana Frenchman said...

several options for you on the website ...

Havanah_... said...

so I am linking to the doorpost, I bought.

The "is mounted on springs, but it is how the hardware installed, I have 4 children, the push and pull, and managed to install the thing does not move!

Most impressive is the door and have had several!

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