Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adult Movies Megavideo Links What Is The Reason Pointfor Digitising / Blurring Pubic Hair/genitals In Japanese Adult Movies?

What is the reason pointfor digitising / blurring pubic hair/genitals in Japanese adult movies? - adult movies megavideo links

Therefore, the digitization of pixelation pubic hair / genitalia actors in adult movies from Japan?


Yasaiman... said...

It is the result of an inflexible bureaucracy. It is generally prohibited obscenity charges of criminal law. But there is no detailed legislation say about this censorship, how much porn can / can not do without "adult" to. The law is too vague and indefinite, then there is a way to be arrested for "porn" adult in Japan.

So the Japanese porn industry has to check self-imposed control after the sex video all legally sold. These organizations themselves control over the legality of video porn. Some companies have tried to minimize the censorship and have tried to minimize confusion as small as possible, was not arrested, however, and recently.

Roy M said...

state law, can not display the genitals if the person does not shave, shaved genitals can be displayed. I know it makes sense, but it is their right.

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