Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fat Women In Stockings And Girdles Does The AMC "Mad Men" TV Show Illustrate Why Modern People Are So Unhealthy Looking?

Does the AMC "Mad Men" TV show illustrate why modern people are so unhealthy looking? - fat women in stockings and girdles

Created by Sopranos writer, we fell in love with the AMC program "Mad Men" about an advertising agency in New York, 1960. What I like most, she remembers a time not too distant future, when people were much thinner, much healthier and freer.

Everyone smoked. Constantly! But they were drunk. Much. And drunk driving? Of course! Kid will not sleep? Give him a whiskey, until he leaves it open!

The men were clean cut and beautiful. Brill suits and even a little cream to give hair shine.

Women are well educated, attractive, big breasts, trying not to look like children. Pointy bras and girdles, stockings and high heels. Hair spoiled.

ISorry, but this generation was 100 times more elegant and sophisticated than it is today with us.

We have the freedom to smoke and drink and leave the left in order to attract and be pampered ... and usually a generation of FAT, vulgar, clubs, classless.


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