Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Webcam Detected Enet Webcam Not Detected In Windows Vista?

Enet webcam not detected in Windows Vista? - no webcam detected

I have a webcam ENET. I can not say more than that, because there is no identification that show a trend. The only feature that it is from his microphone, and six LEDs. If a device is connected via USB, the computer recognizes that it exists. With this camera is connected, the lights, but the team is not aware that, even on the hard disk. I checked the Device Manager to see that USB drives have nothing and no "Imaging Devices". I downloaded and installed the drivers, but when I said use the software on the camera, he had detected a video device. Windows Live Messenger also claims that there is no standard webcam. Stickam will not work with her. What can I do with thisThing?


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