Monday, February 22, 2010

Older Women Bottomless What Does This Dream Mean? I Am 40 Dreamt It When I Was A Kid.

What does this dream mean? I am 40 dreamt it when I was a kid. - older women bottomless

I have 4 brothers. This dream happened when I was a boy of nine years. I shared a room with my brother at the time. Here goes. I'm sleeping in my bed. I wake up. The room is dark. The deep black. I looked at the bed and saw only the darkest dark. A bottomless cave, floating bed as it seems. I do not dare get out of bed. I hear the breath, but steadily worked. Until the breath of my brother, even if it was like nothing he had heard of him, I screamed his name. No answer. More breathing even more difficult. I call my brother. No answer. Someone or something in the room with me, except my brother in his bed. Where is my brother? I'm afraid. Nothing but darkness and breathing. I look around desperately for a way out. Nothing but blackand respiration in detail. At the end of my bed is my cabinet, the doors open. It is also full of the darkest darkness. There are no visible wear. My concepts for the family or just in the closet and stand at the entrance, all except my mother, she is not there. You look at me. I called them. Yell at me to go to them. I am afraid to come to them. The darkness between the end of my bed and the cupboard is empty. Breathing becomes more and more. I hide under the covers and cry my mother. She did not respond. I know she is in the house. She went to bed last night I was. As he did Evey night. Why do not you answer? I am by what scared with respiration. Something is wrong, yes. And that's all I remember is. It's a bit of timebefore. One of the scariest dreams I ever had. I was in a bar one night and told a woman who was in the neighborhood psychic and supernatural. He got up and left without saying a word, and looked embarrassed, to say the least. She did not answer when I asked her what was wrong. This experience made me afraid.


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