Sunday, February 7, 2010

Diablo2 Cd-key Diablo2 Cd Key. Free 10 Points?

Diablo2 cd key. free 10 points? - diablo2 cd-key

Hello to all fans as hell! I have a small problem. My brother deleted my Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction expansion team, and I want to raise, but I lost the main point of the expansion. So the idea that only you can reach someone elses used with my CD, then voila, it fixed and I can not play again. So, if anyone can help me, thanks! Simply e-mail me the key.


Legend said...

I do not think that if you use someone elses Diablo 2 CD key that works, because each CD has its own number. Warcraft 3 and I had lost my friend, his key and gave it to me, but do not play together not online 2 CDs with the same key to play online, while only offlline ... ...

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