Saturday, February 27, 2010

Electric Canoe Trailer Bike BOATBUILDERS!!! Can You Tell Me Some Quick, Easy, And Cheap Canoe/kayak/small Boat Designs I Can Try?

BOATBUILDERS!!! Can you tell me some quick, easy, and cheap canoe/kayak/small boat designs I can try? - electric canoe trailer bike

I'm in construction technology. And we must create a project. And we have built around 16 hours of time to win.

My family has a Jon boat, but I want something small that you can use a double paddle or electric motor with a shallow draft. And I must be carried out without (probably a trailer at the top of my car). A trailer or a combustion engine that makes this expensive project.

I weigh about 250 pounds, and use the boat for fishing. To add an additional 15 pounds of equipment. I know it seems that a lot of material, but I'm rounding.

I have a Cajun pirogue and I'll cut off the rear end. Place a triangle of half inch plywood is, if you like, I can mount an electric motorlater. The problem is that the boat has started mainly with the adhesive fiberglass-movie. It's just an annoyance in comparison with nails or screws.

Has anyone any suggestions for the design. Only have a name. Google I find the same model. Or some other plan, with a canoe.

If something

His suggestions in the art of shipbuilding will be useful.


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