Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Standard Poker Chip Amounts Standard Poker Chip Count?

Standard poker chip count? - standard poker chip amounts

I'm converting the rooms into a poker room for my husband for our anniversary and I wonder if someone could tell me a standard set of poker hold em how to throw Texa's,

I have the place where I get accepted to buy the chipset
Please tell me how many chips the amount he owed, but for each chip

For example:

$ 1-75



wilbanba said...

500-600 chipset in a case generally takes care of 8-10 people, depending on whether you are) white (no printed value or not

Spaces are useful because the values are assigned to flight

Try it here ...

alarmman... said...

I agree with the princess .. As she explains, it really depends on the number of players each week will be her husband. If you have a game in the style tournament, then a case of fine chips of about 300 chips. If you plan on a game box, then the number of chips is very fast, and many have exhausted the purchase an additional kit to allow players to care if they lost all their chips and will continue to play. Good luck with that .... Her husband loved the gift.

princess... said...

It really depends on what kind of games will host. Is the type of tournament games and online action games? And how many people? If people speak more than 10 people in a tournament style is probably a pretty good thing. Live-action is different, even if there is no maximum buy-in ... then you probably need at least two cases. Hope this helps.

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